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Note!: Due to new browsers’ preventing loading of 3rd party cookies the cookie management is being depreciated and is no longer supported!


By popular request this extremely grey hat feature has been included into WP Traffic Tools. Why is it Grey Hat? Because it’s potential to slip into Black Hat use.  But still we gotta ask, why is it Grey Hat?  Well, for it’s potential to to be used in some super crafty ways that are hardly black hat at all.

Lets look at what we got. We now have the ability to load an additional cookie from a remote page separate from the page we are linking someone to through our masked links. We might ask. How in the world could this be used for anything but piggy backing unwarranted cookies onto our traffic? We the answer can be described in a case, like so:

Say that we want to promote a product by linking a visitor to a specific page somewhere, anywhere that provides great information and might convert.  Well we can create a masked link that sets the cookie, and send them on to the content. This gives us freedom to break out of the traditional landing pages provided by affiliate provides and opens us up to  nearly unlimited options of potential landing page.

On the counter side you could use this feature to piggy-back other people’s custom sales pages and blog postings, there-by competing with them. This easily could break the law of do unto others. But in perspective it could be argued that the traffic you instigate is traffic that may never have made it to the non-owned location anyway… so no harm is done besides inciting a little misconceived jealously… but there are counter arguments to that as well… and how can you stop your hair from turning grey?  Love, surf,  and make money in the meantime right.

Still, that is just one case example of how propperness can slip away or remain in tact. At the end of the day there is no telling what kind of useful tactics might come out of a simple feature like this.

It should be noted that currently we are unable to use this feature without cloaking the target URL as well. That means that the URL in the address bar will remain as the masked link and not convert over to the URL we are redirecting visitors to.

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