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Hello Team!

Have you heard of the WordPress plugin Wp Traffic Tools yet?
I can’t believe we’ve missed out on this one!

now don’t be mislead by it’s title…
It’s not a plugin that auto creates backlinks or conjures up traffic to you site.
…It solely focuses on MONETIZING the traffic that you already have and
offers a set of incredible modules to get the job done.


Here, lets take a look… In short (and this really is in short) Wp Traffic Tools helps you:

=>Place ads like a boss with the Advertisement Module by targeting
ads with extreme accuracy provided by keyword detection technologies

=>Manage affiliate links with style by harnessing the power of
clickthrough tracking and so many other bells and whistles that you’ll
just have to read about them yourself.

=>Snipe traffic with conditional redirects. Do you monitor your incoming keywords?
Well if you notice that your traffic is landing on the wrong pages, or you have an
offer that better serves them than the content then capture them and ship them there!
They’ll appreciate the better service and you’ll better appreciate the money generated from the lead!

=>Become a master of the Cookie! I don’t always stuff traffic, but when I do,
I want as much control as possible to make sure my placements are dropping
on the write landers. Wp Traffic Tools practicely given me a cookie management
system that I would have had to outsource otherwise.

There’s so much to investigate with this plugin!
WP Traffic Tools is definitely a
must have for the marketer that loves pro control…

Check it out!



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