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  1. Anders says:

    Hi There,

    Thanks for following me on twitter (ayoroblogs)…

    I’m just about to release a WordPress Security Checklist which might be of interest to you and your followers…

    It’s a free guide on how to secure your WordPress site…

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    Security is a concern for all of us!

    I expect the guide to be up for download early next week…



  2. Glen says:


    I am no expert when it come to using all the features of your software. Just from a usability point of view, any chance in the future when updates are made of including in the update video some quick examples of why and how you might use the upgrade in the real world.

    Only saying this, as I have watched a few updates and noted what seems to be good upgrades, but came away from every video wondering where and when I would need to use the upgrade.

    Most of them are user requests – the users when explaining the idea, must have given an indication of how the suggestion would be used and why.

    Just thinking that this could help the rest of us not so “advanced” users make better use of the full functionality of the software.

    Keep up the great work and loving the software.



  3. admin says:

    Hi Glen,

    Sure I’ll try to script explanations better in my next series of video updates.

    To be honest sometimes I am not sure myself what the applications of the feature requests are.

    In the mean time feel free to poll the forum community for details whenever the a software update notification is published and leaves out application details.
    Either I or The user who requested the feature will most likely read it and be happy offer an explanation.

    Cheers Glen and thanks for the suggestions!


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