Create ‘pretty’ masked links for your affiliate links.

Dec 7th, 2010 by 7 Comments

WP Traffc Tools provides the ability to create custom permalinks for external URLs.
The administrator can do this within the post-editing wysiwyg box by highlighting the text, pressing the special cloaking button, and then setting up the permalink…

Example:  —>

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Additional Options when creating masked links:

  1. Cloaking Targets. Cloak the target source by retaining the original masked link in the URL box.
  2. Cookie Insurance. WP Traffic Tool technology forces the affiliate cookie to be set into a user’s browser when in ‘cloaking’ mode. See, cloaked targets are loaded in iframes and any cookies set by javascript will not be set into the users browser. (Javascript cannot be executed within Iframes). WPTrafficTools uses unique techniques to import any cookies that are set by Javascript.
  3. Blanking Referrers. Some developers prefer to blank their referrers to conceal information about the referrer source from the affiliate programs they are associated with.  This is an optional feature. Please Note:  As a  manager of multiple affiliate programs; I have no desire to accept ANY commissions coming from a blank referrer unless notified ahead of time that my affiliate is running an email campaign, or has some other decent excuse. In spite of my personal opinion I’ve included this feature, as I’m sure there are honest(er) reasons for wanting it.
  4. Spider Redirection. This is another optional crafty feature included in WPTrafficTools that will permit you to detect whether or not the traffic is human or spider, and if it is spider then redirect it to a random onsite post, the homepage, or redirect it to the same page the masked link is located on.
  5. Redirection Type. Choose whether to 301,302, or 303 redirect your visitor to the external link.
  6. Target Window. Open  link in a new window or in the same window.
  7. Permalink Creation. When creating masked link profiles we are given the option to select a classification. This “classification” is a buffer in the permalink such as /go/ or /products/. This is just an extra way to classify and prettify your masked links.
  8. Visitor & Spider Tracking. If spider redirecting is on WPTrafficTools will discern and log passthroughs of spiders and humans. If spider redirecting is off, we still count the passthroughs for each masked link so you can measure activity.

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7 Responses to “Create ‘pretty’ masked links for your affiliate links.”

  1. Miro Collas says:


    one thing isn’t clear from the screen shots: say I have a dozen or more affiliate URLs for the same sponsor, pointing to different entrance pages or programs. Do these all have to be entered individually or is there some sort of “wildcard” matching available, so I can enter, say, the base URL, and have cloaked URLs generated for any number of matches.


  2. admin says:

    Hey Miro,

    I’m not 100% certain I understand conceptually what you are wanting to accomplish, but we can place multiple URLs into to one masked link profile and have the URLs rotate. Would you explain your feature request one more time in new words and maybe use some fictional examples and then I’ll be able to know more about what you are wanting to do and if it’s already possible.

  3. Miro Collas says:

    Gah – I tried posting with example URLs but it gets treated as spam, and 15mins of writing got wiped. :-| Let me try it more briefly [crosses fingers]:

    I’d like to be able to input something like:* <== where * is a wildcard symbol, and will be a series of parameters which are passed to the php script.

    And have that then understand that any URLs containing the stuff before the * are to get cloaked – rather than having to input a dozen or more URLs, each of which begin with exactly the same initial part.

    I hope that makes more sense. :-)

  4. Hudson says:

    It does, but how/where would you format your links? We do have “only mask links containing this string” which should open you up to defining your own identifier for your links.

  5. Miro Collas says:

    Well, what I really want to avoid is having to manually specify literally hundreds of affiliate URLs for cloaking; I’d like for that all to just, well, do done for me. LOL Is that possible at all? Or silly wishful thinking?

    Btw, in case I can’t get back here before the holiday, I wish you and yours all the best for Christmas!

  6. Hudson says:

    Thanks Buddy, you too.

    Well if you can place some identifier in your aff urls then we can target that string solely and masked them all and ignore the rest. So I think we can do what your wanting if there is some kind of common element in your aff links.

  7. Miro Collas says:

    I think that would work. OK, thank you. :-)

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