Drop (stuff) cookie based on post id OR keywords detected in content.

Dec 8th, 2010 by No Comments

Note!: Due to new browsers’ preventing loading of 3rd party cookies the cookie management is being depreciated and is no longer supported!

Wow this tool keeps getting grayer! But don’t worry my moral conciseness friends, there are redeeming circumstances…

Not everyone who reads your advertisements and reviews are ready to buy right away, and make take liberty to use their memory and search out the product on Google at a later date. In this case, you’ve provided the lead and will never be credited… This feature set was designed to drop (stuff) the cookie into the user’s browser regardless of whether or not the visitor clicks an outgoing link to your affiliate’s landing page.

It does this in two different ways:

  1. Drop specific cookie on specific posts (based on Post ID).
  2. Create keyword detection profiles that will drop specific cookies based on keywords detected in the post content.

It also should be noted that:

  • Due to limitation in cookie dropping technology, only one cookie per post can dropped. The order of dropped cookie will fall in the same order of keywords detected.
  • Keyword detections are case in-sensitive.
  • To prevent fraud; referrer blanking is not permitted within this feature set. (Other wise users could engage in thievery).
  • Some affiliate programs will still not like this technique! Use at your own discretion!

Wordpress Drop Cookie

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