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3 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Ratacat says:

    I’ve been using the redirection profiles for moving people off of autoblogs to CPA offers and such, very nice tool. My review here: http://imbandit.com/easy-pickins/neat-little-story

  2. Dax Deegan says:

    Hey Hudson, thanks for the great plugin. I’ve got to say my two favorite features are:

    1) Link cloaking. I have a few sites that require a lot of different affiliate links, and this feature makes it so easy to add or change “pretty links” quickly and easily.
    2) The ability to use tokens in the Ad Management feature, which allow me to create dynamic ads.

    Also, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention how much I love the overall flexibility that’s built into WP Traffic Tools. The ability to use global settings but make exceptions on a post-by-post basis, makes this one of the most user friendly plugins I own.

    Awesome work!

    Read my full WP Traffic Tools Review

  3. I’ve been playing with this WP Traffic Tools plugin – and I’ve got to say… It’s a plugin that does so many things – so well.. I’ve never paid this little for a plugin that does so much (regarding the price of the plugin I mean) – this is just a must buy. I’m testing some of these top search features – I think are fantastic for on-page SEO.

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