URL Rotating for Redirect Profiles, Keywords to Tags, Mask Links in Text Widgets-Headers-Footer, Masking Specific Links, Stats for Popups

Oct 27th, 2011 by No Comments


These updates have been added to WpTrafficTools:

URL Rotating for Redirect Profiles

We can now set redirect profiles to accept multiple URLs. The redirect URL that a user is redirected to will be selected at random from the list.

Keywords to Tags

We now have the option to capture incoming keywords and set them as tags to our posts.

Keywords to Tags

Mask Links in Text Widgets-Headers-Footer

We now have options to enable/disable auto-link-masking on text-widgets, the content in our header.php file, and the content in a theme’s footer.php file.

Masking Specific Links That Meet Specifications

We now have the option to only mask external links that meet a certain criteria (strings found within the url). We can leave this field blank to continue masking all external links.

Stats for Popups Profils

We now display the fire count for each popup profile, keeping track of each time a popup profile is fire. Also, popup animation has been slowed down from a half a second to a whole second and the popup will zoom in from the center of the screen rather than the top-right of the screen.

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