Popup-Popunder Profiles



Features include:

  1. 5 different types of popups : Popup, Popup-Unblockable, Popunder, Popunder-Unblockable, Jquery Popover
  2. Target popups via keywords detected in content or in referring URL.
  3. Target popups via category
  4. Target popups via post id.

What is a popunder?

Popunders are popups that, once popped, immediately moved itself to the background of your desktop. This helps preserve the visitors browsing of your page without any potentially annoying interruption.

Why use a popunder?

Popovers and Popunders can be used for a variety of things. They can be used for prompting the user to complete a CPA offer, for prompting the user to join your site’s newsletter to receive important notifications, or for displaying advertisements. The limits are you imagination.
What is a popover?
It’s true that WP Traffic Tools provides for popups, popunders, and popovers. We’ve coined the term pop-over to define a popup that is not browser based, and rather is a jquery modal popup. Usuing special jQuery modals we can cause a page to load within a lightbox-esque popup, substituting the normal browser based popup that can be annoying and blockable.
What is an unblockable popup?
An unblockable popup circumvents the browsers internal popup prevention service, which asks the user to permit a popup before it fires. We use scripting techniques to get around this if we choose. There is a catch though. It requires the user to make a click action before the popup is fired. This tells the browser that the user’s click has requested the open-page action and therefore does not consider the the result to be a popup, and rather considers it to be asked for.

WP Traffic Tools provides options to suit your integrity.

With WPTT, we provide the options to apply the unblockable technique to not to apply it and let the user manually accept or deny the popup. With popovers there is no internal browser protection so this issue, although almost identicle in nature to the other, does not arise and therefore we do not provide the option to choose between unblockabke and blockable (and how could we?)

The joys of target marketing

Every powerful ad program uses advanced tagret marketing strategies to display ads to their readers. What shouldn’t you? With our two-fold keyword targeting technologies (detecting keywords in content as well as referring URLs) WP Traffic Tools provides you with user targeting techniques that no other ad management solution for WordPress can. That’s why WPTT excels as a cutting edge professional marketer’s tool.

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