Backup & Import Link Profiles — Link Masking for Spiders Only — New Quality Control Measures

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Prepared for you, the latest update to WP Traffic Tools:

Backup & Import Link Profiles

Now we can export our created link profiles in XML format. This allows for backups of work as well as porting all of our masked & unmasked link profiles into a new blog. This was a top requested feature. Hope you enjoy.

Screenshot: Export & Import Masked Link Profiles

Control Cookie Lifespan for Popup-Popunder Profiles

This new addition will let you custom define the lifespan of the cookie that tells WPTT that we have already promoted a popup to a visitor. We can make this lifespan shorter to throw popups at our repeat traffic more frequently, or we can make much larger to ensure we only present a popup to a visitor rarely.


Mask Links Globally only for Spiders

This was a unique request by a customer. If we want to, we can now leave all links uncloaked for human visitors and have them cloaked for spiders. We use special browser feature detections to determine what should constitute a true human as well as useragent filtering.


New Options to Help Throttle Cookie Dropping/Stuffing

WPTT now keeps track of who sets it’s cookies with. If we like, we can set cookies to drop only one time every x days for each visitor. This will allow us to keep our affiliate click-thru statistics more realistic. We have also added in measures to prevent cookie stuffing for spiders/non-human visitors.

Screenshot: Cookie Stuffing & Cookie Throttling

Other Miscellaneous Updates


Ad placements for sub-categories

Now when designing Cateogry Ad Targeting profiles, a sub-category will automatically take on any profiles created on it’s parent category. So if you have many sub-categories for one parent category and would like to target all those subs without having to create a profile on each one… well we can just create one on the parent. If there is one detected for that sub-category specifically then it will overwrite the parent category’s profile.

Ability to deliver cookies if the referrer contains…

We now have the ability to drop/stuff cookies based on keywords discovered either in the content (title or body) or the referring URL. Just like keyword-based-ad-placements, you can choose how you want WPTT to search.

For the search engines: Stuff cookie by referrer. Drop cookie keywords detected in referrer.

Global Link Masking now preserves the following elements:



Alright space sailors. That’s all. Think of my health and wish me many kind women to help keep my diet.


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