Geotargeting with WordPress

Jan 23rd, 2012 by 2 Comments

WPTrafficTools™  is a flexible, comprehensive geo-targeting plugin for WordPress!


Our cutting edge traffic monetization modules all have received geo-targeting capabilities. Let’s take a look:


  1. Discover the geolocation of visiting traffic and have auto linked keywords determine the best destination link the keyword to that location. For example, say you have an auto-keyword-linking profile setup on the term ‘Dog Collars’ and want to send UK visitors to and US visitors to We can do this with WPTrafficTools.
  2. Say you have created a masked link for link tracking and geosorting. We can create a link profile with two geo-targeted links and one non geotargeting link and have geo-targeting traffic sent to the appropriate link and have non-matches go to the non-geotargeted link!


In WpTrafficTools we can create redirection profiles based on keywords detected in the referring URL. We can use this method to better route organic searches to pages we believe best for our visitors.  Let’s take a look at how we can use geotargeting to improve our redirects.

  1.  For visitors that meet our redirection criteria, we can now further check their geo-location to determine the  best location to send them. For example, if we have a CPA Offer for the state of Georgia we can route our qualified traffic to the region code GA, while we would redirect our Alabama based traffic to the AL region code. We can also target cities and area codes.


WP Traffic Tools can already place ads based on keywords detected in content, referring urls, by category or category id. Now we can further constraign ad placements to only execute if they meet certain geo-targeting requirements. This can allow us to be extremely targeted with our ad placements. No other WordPress plugin offers such a comprehensive monetization toolset.


One of the bonus modules of WP Traffic Tools is the popup placement module which incorporates all of our placement technologies, and lets up provide jquery modal popups as well as unblockable popunders and unblockable popups. Our new geolocation system allows us to tailor certain popups depending on visitor location.

We use the ip to location based lookup technology provided by the geoplugin service. We can geotarget by countrycode, regioncode, areacode and by city name. Within the software we provide a list of country codes and regioncodes for setup help.

Wp Traffic Tools is a relatively inexpensive software ($57.00) that provides over $400.00 worth of services.

2 Responses to “Geotargeting with WordPress”

  1. grant durant says:

    Hi I am using WP Traffic Tools but it does not work for the {countrycode:UK} it has to be {countrycode:gb} otherwise you get a blank page

  2. admin says:

    Thank you grant you are right!

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