New jQuery Modal Pover Styling for WPTrafficTool’s Popup Management Module

Oct 14th, 2011 by No Comments


Hey Guys,

Recently we found some trouble with the jQuery popover modal box not rendering correctly with internet explorer. The jQuery modal class we were using was not very fancy, it was a simple background dim with hard cut square iframe presentation, and was really only meant to be the first drafts… a placeholder until we can find something better.

Today, in order to tidy up the discovered bugs, I went ahead and replaced the old class with a new one (The FancyZoom Class) and modified it to support our iframes. I think it’s the same class the wptext2ads plugin used, but I’m not sure.

Anyway it looks sharp, has a zoom in animation, and rounded corners to go ahead and give the popup that most-in-fashion presentational appeal. Big improvement.

Here’s a video demonstrating it in action:

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