Placing advertisements in header & footer blocks – Ad Management Plugin & Tip

Apr 30th, 2012 by No Comments

In WP Traffic Tools we have the ability to place ads conditionally in the following locations:

  • Above a post
  • In the middle of a post (without interruptingsentences)
  • Below a post.
  • In up to 6 different widget locations.

A couple of users have asked to be able to insert & target ads to custom places using a shortcode.
Here is a a technique that will help you to do that.

Each of WPTT’s widgets are updated with advertisements using jquery that target div containers that look like this:

<div id="id_wpt_adblock_1"></div>
<div id="id_wpt_adblock_2"></div>
<div id="id_wpt_adblock_3"></div>
<div id="id_wpt_adblock_4"></div>
<div id="id_wpt_adblock_5"></div>
<div id="id_wpt_adblock_6"></div>

The above represents all six potential ad placement widgets.
If you have a header or footer area that needs an ad placement,
insert one of the empty div containers below and then tell the
ad placement profile to target that widget
and the div will populate with content on page load.

Hope this tutorial helps!

Ad Management Screenshot

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