Spoof Referrer

Jan 23rd, 2012 by No Comments

WP Traffic Tools provides it’s users with the capability to spoof it’s referrer. We use PHP’s CURL technology to modify the useragent, and this effectively modifies the referrer to whatever you would like it to be. If you are looking to game large affiliate providers, though, it would be prudent to think twice. Although we can spoof the useragent we cannot spoof our calling site’s IP address, which would reveal our true referrer through a reverse IP whois lookup (Which I hear many large affiliate companies harness tracking that makes use of the this feature). This system will easily work on most statistic & analytics systems though.

I as a developer do not encourage or discourage spoofing. It is offered because there are situations where affiliate managers attempt to reverse engineer their affiliate’s efforts in order to keep more money in house. This is the only reason this feature is offered.

We also have the ability to rotate spoofed URLs now!

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