Unblockable Popunder Profiles & New Training Videos

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[ NOTICE! - unblockable and standard popup features have been removed due to lack of multi-browser compatibility - only jquery based popup features remain - we have a product that focuses on jQuery popover placements called Advanced Notifications Plugin]

About two days ago I secretly release a major update to WP Traffic Tools adding the following new features:

Popunder Profiles

We now have a popup profiles section that allows us to quickly add src based unblockable popups and unblockable popunders. The idea of having unblockable popups is exciting to me because it is an affective way to promote an offer without interrupting the user’s browsing experience.

As soon as a user clicks anywhere on the screen a popup will occur in a new browser and then arrange itself behind the current active browser so the user does not have to pause in their reading experience.

I personally enjoy receiving popunder advertisements because It’s always interesting to see where this extra browser came from, and wonder how long it’s been chilling there behind the scenes.

We also offer traditional blockable popups and popunders as well as one jquery popup. We’ll considering improving (adding more options to) the jQuery popups as time passes.


Completely Restructured Interface

WP Traffic Tools spans a couple of different areas and applications now. I thought it best to re-organize each module and provide better internal documentation. Everything looks a whole lot better now.


Added a couple of user requested features

  1. Ability to add site based exceptions to global link masking
  2. Ability to disable redirection profile if no referring URL is detected.
  3. Added ‘exclude these ids’ section to Top Searches, as well as fixed some bugs.
  4. Added redirect delay option to redirection profiles.


New Training Videos

Due to all the new improvements since I first started selling WP Traffic Tools, I’ve had to redo all my videos. What a pain! Anyway this time I used a recorded that lets me go over 5 minute intervals so we have about an hours worth of training and explanation. Here’s a link to the 7 Part Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF11FBA80571B2BC3

Warning: the audio is annoyingly unsmooth but if you turn your volume down it becomes less annoying. Hope this helps!

More Information

For those of you who downloaded the latest version early, I’m sad to report that the auto-update feature is broken. In order to update you will have to run /wp-content/plugins/wp-traffic-tools/update.php manually in your browser.

Download the Latest Files Here:



Thanks for supporting WP Traffic Tools!

Hudson Atwell


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