Update – – Topsearches improvement – Place ad/content based on Cateogry.

Mar 4th, 2011 by No Comments
Lets take a look at the new things we can do with WP Traffic Tools.

  • We now have a sub-section called ‘Category Placements’, which allow targeting ads/content to specific categories.
  • We now have a new placement option, ‘widget’, in which WPTT will place the ad to a special widget belonging to WPTT. If no ad/content is detected then the widget does not display. You will have to manually add the widget to your sidebar for it to take affect.

  • I’ve improved the way we add top searches to the bottom of the post, and also added the ability to either display the top searches for the local page or the top global searches, as well as added sorting and limiting and linking options.
  • All this capability is now available in a custom WPTT widget that allows you to define the settings… As you can tell I’ve finally learned the art of widget development… Muahaha.

It was brought to my attention that there is a free plugin called SEO Searchterm2 that handles the displaying of topsearches, but I was unaware of this plugin when I first started developing the feature in, and now that they are in as another customer pointed out, it makes since to keep as much functionality under one plugin to reduce the overhead of having multiple plugins… so this in mind I decided to go ahead and improve the topsearches functionality to match the SEOSearchterm2… the only thing different is the lack of statistics… but for this I still prefer Rank Tracker to handle my search engine gathering statistics.

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