Advertisement Management with WP Traffic Tools

Features include:

  1. General advertisement management for WordPress
  2. Create many advertisement profiles.
  3. Assign profiles to specific posts, placing the ad above the content, in the middle of the content, below the content.
  4. Assign advertisements by keyword discovery in the content, which includes a search within the post-content and the post-title.
  5. Assign an advertisement by keyword discovered in the referring URL. (Detect specific Google traffic).
  6. Assign Google only advertisements using %keyword% token in advertisement to create dynamic ads based on the incoming keyword (Great for phpBay, phpZon, and other dynamic ad scripts.

Link & Target Cloaking with WP Traffic Tools

Features include:

  1. Turn “Rough Looking” affiliate links into pretty permalinks that appear to be embedded into your link structure.
  2. Cloak the target by retaining your cloaked link in the address bar after the user is redirected.
  3. Have spiders redirected in a different manner than your human visitors.
  4. Options to blank the referrer.
  5. Control nature of redirect (301 302 303 304).

Traffic Redirection & Filtering with WP Traffic Tools

Features include:

  1. Redirect traffic based on keywords discovered in referring url.
  2. Detects and sorts through the urlencoded string to make sure keyphrases are detected if they are present.
  3. Treat non-human visitors differently from human visitors.
  4. Apply redirection profiles globally or only to specific posts.

Cookie Stuffing with WP Traffic Tools

Features include:

  1. Stuff cookies via keyword detection in content.
  2. Stuff cookies on individual posts.

Multi-domain license.
Customer Support.
Future Upgrades.


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  1. admin says:

    It’s also good to mention that when “Target Cloaking”, WP Traffic Tools automatically stuffs the cookie because, in using the iframe method to cloak the target, cookies loaded through the taget page’s javascript will not properly set into the users browser. Because of these we use WP Traffic Tool to manually set the cookie ensuring that you are credited for the referral.

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